Rendez-vous Chardonnay

I love the Sacramento River Delta and its wine tasting region so it’s fitting that my first review should be from a winery in Clarksburg. Today, I’m tasting a 2012 chardonnay from Rendez-vouz Winery, one of the many “goodbye wines” from my former co-workers (see the picture and story behind the “goodbye wines”).

A good chardonnay can be served un-chilled and this one came straight from my wine cellar. The color is a faint yellow, lighter in color than some chardonnays. The nose is very clean with vanilla overtones, I taste butterscotch in the mouth, and this wine shows some body with a creamy, lingering finish. The alcohol content is 14.4%.


The label on the bottle is perfect. It reads “Share your passion”. I’m passionate about chardonnay and I give this particular wine two thumbs up.

Where to Buy Rendez-vous Chardonnay:

Rendez-vous chardonnay can be purchased directly from the winery, either online Sugar Mill Wineries or in their tasting room, located in the Old Sugar Mill. The Old Sugar Mill is a collection of wineries at 35265 Willow Avenue, just down the road from Clarksburg, California, in the Sacramento River Delta (read more about this wine tasting region here).

The wine retails for $24.00 a bottle, but wine club members save an additional 20%. To learn more about Rendez-vous Winery, visit their website.

What a Great Going Away Gift

Goodbye Chardonnay from My Co-workers
Goodbye Chardonnay from My Co-workers

I’m a lucky girl. For many years, I worked in a fun and fulfilling job, made a good living, and still had the chance to travel pretty extensively. A few months ago, I finally left the old 9 to 5 gig to see more of the world and write travel articles full time with my favorite travel partner, Gary. But, somewhere in the back of my brain, ever since I earned the nickname “Chardy Girl” in Australia, I’ve also had this dream of blogging about chardonnay.

It seems my co-workers knew me better than I realized, because their sendoff gift was comprised of eleven bottles of chardonnay signed by everyone. I took that as a sign that it was time to get my act in gear and get this blog off the ground. I’ll be reviewing each of these bottles of wine over time. Some are already old favorites. But, I’m told there are a few pretty special, hand-picked bottles of chardonnay in the bunch. Won’t this be fun to discover which ones?

What? No Chardonnay on the menu???

So, I’m sitting in a bar in San Francisco, hoping to order a glass of wine before the Chris Botti concert and I can’t find a single Chardonnay on the menu. We’re in San Francisco, for goodness sake. Glass of White WineSonoma and Napa are in our backyard!

“Seriously, Mr. Bartender, the only white wines you have on the menu are an albillo, an albarino and some kind of chenin blanc/reisling blend? I’m sorry, but your blend does not compare to a chardonnay. It doesn’t even come close”, I protested.

I’m rebelling! I’m standing up for chardonnay and I don’t care if you are a sauvignon blanc lover or eschew white wines altogether because you only drink red wine. You won’t read this blog any further anyway.

I love chardonnay and I’m not talking about the new style un-oaked, steel barrel fermented variety. I love a good old fashioned, oaky, buttery, creamy chardonnay. And that’s what this blog is all about. I’m in pursuit of that old fashioned style that California chardonnay was known for many years ago. Join me on my journey or laugh at me along the way. I’m inspired now and I’m going anyway…