About Chardy Girl

cropped-cropped-Chardonnay-Grapes-1.jpgSo, I’m sitting in a bar in San Francisco, hoping to order a glass of wine before the Chris Botti concert and I can’t find a single Chardonnay on the menu. We’re in San Francisco, for goodness sake. Sonoma and Napa are in our backyard!

“Seriously, Mr. Bartender, the only white wines you have on the menu are an albillo, an albarino and some kind of chenin blanc/reisling blend? I’m sorry, but your blend does not compare to a chardonnay. It doesn’t even come close.”

So I’m rebelling! I’m standing up for chardonnay and I don’t care if you are a sauvignon blanc lover or eschew white wines altogether because you only drink red wine. You won’t read this blog any further anyway.

I love chardonnay and I’m not talking about the new style un-oaked, steel barrel fermented variety. I love a good old fashioned, oaky, buttery, creamy chardonnay. And that’s what this blog is all about. I’m in pursuit of that old fashioned style that California chardonnay was known for many years ago. Join me on my journey or laugh at me along the way. I’m inspired now and I’m going anyway…


About the Author:

I love chardonnay. I love the old fashioned, oaky, creamy, buttery chardonnay that California was known for years ago. Not so easy to find anymore, but I’m on a quest.

141-Edit-EditMy name is Pam Baker, or “Pammy” as our Australian friends like to call me.  My husband and I are travel writers and live in Sacramento, California. A few years ago, we were in Sydney, Australia sitting in an outdoor café. A glass of wine seemed like the perfect thing to order on a sunny, lazy afternoon. My husband commented to the waitress that I loved chardonnay and she replied that she was a “chardy girl” too. The nickname has stuck ever since.

My goal is to hunt down those chardonnays that will hopefully delight my palate but not cost a small fortune. And, when I do find them, I will post them on my blog and let you know all about them, too!